A deck or patio can be a welcome addition to any home. They provide increased living space, respite from the indoors, and can truly lend a touch of elegance to a property. In many cases the decision is not whether to get a deck or patio, but which type to choose.

A patio is suitable for integrating with a garden, or as a standalone surface. It can provide a flat area for outside furniture and BBQ grills. Patios have the advantage of drawing from many different design styles and construction materials. On a cool summer evening, the sun-warmed patio can be quite refreshing.

The deck is usually attached to the home for easy access. Unlike a patio, it can be built over uneven or saturated ground and could provide a second-story space with more room. Made with wood, it can provide a cool place to rest under the shade of a supplemental awning or deck/patio enclosure on even the hottest summer days.